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disney world

disney world

in april with the help of my mom, linda and sister, we brought adriana and maeve to disney world for a little girls trip!! this is something i had wanted to do with adriana for years now and seeing it all come together was really special.

i had debated for some time if i should tell them in advance or keep it as a surprise… we decided to keep it a surprise and i am SO glad that we did! i woke them up that morning and i told them instead of school i needed them to get dressed because we are leaving for the airport in a few minutes for disney world & our bags were already packed! danny got the announcement on video - yay! they were very surprised… and excited, of course!

the day we arrived we decided to go to the resort and just relax poolside. traveling is chaotic and stressful… disney theme parks are even more chaotic and stressful… so having a chill afternoon was just what we needed! we stayed at the wyndham bonnet creek and it did not disappoint. it was really beautiful! multiple pools, restaurants… pretty much anything you could ask for! i even think we could have skipped disney all together and just stayed there the entire time and everyone would have been good with that!

but! a bazillion dollars had already been spent on park passes, bracelets and transportation so… lounging by the pool for the entire vaca was out of the question!

day 1: magic kingdom!! (the park i thought would be my fav until we went to epcot a couple days later… more on that to follow)


oh the sun… it gets my adriana girl every time!!! there is something to be said for entering magic kingdom… talk about nostalgic. things i loved as a kid myself growing up still being celebrated and enjoyed by new generations… it is pretty incredible! not to mention we had matching shirts… we were so those people… but we were not alone… pretty much everyone had themed outfits, love a good matching sesh!

a trip to disney would not be complete without splash mountain!!

a trip to disney would not be complete without splash mountain!!

we went home for a bit late afternoon to rest before heading back to magic kingdom for dinner and the fireworks show… which was aaaaamazing by the way!

day 2: hollywood studios!

hands down the best part of this trip for all of us was the tower of terror…. i think if you were to ask either of the girls what their favorite part was, that would be it. i can’t totally say the same thing for the adults (sorry seesha and linda!!!) … but hearing adriana’s screams with surprise and also a little bit of horror was hilarious. maeve is a pro when it comes to rides so it was all easy breezy for her! although i do think even she was caught by surprise a couple time with the sudden darkness/drops!

hold on to your wigs!!!!!!!

hold on to your wigs!!!!!!!


the indiana jones show REALLY got her… that’s for sure! this is by far one of my most favorite pictures from the trip… so glad my mom was able to capture it! adriana could not even believe the things that were happening and definitely loved it!

we also saw a frozen show while we were there which was surprisingly adorable! it was also a nice break in the air conditioning… but aside from that the show was really funny and it snowed on us at the end! we walked outside in the hot florida sun with little fake snow flakes in our hair, it was cute!

i wish we could have stayed at this particular park longer… but when i’m telling you it was hot, it was almost unbearable…. and i like the heat!!! it was really crowded, beyond humid and just overall miserable… so we got ice cream and headed back to the resort for some much needed pool time!

one thing i do recommend is scheduling your fast pass as far in advance as possible for rides…. because they fill up fast and the wait times are no joke! we did manage to get on a good amount of rides… but we did miss a few just because the wait would take hours.

we saved epcot for last… a reward to the grown ups for battling the theme parks the previous days before… haha. i could have spent days at epcot, it was by far my most favorite. i loved being able to walk around to the different countries, it is such a unique place! some of my favorite places were - morocco! italy (of course), & france. really all of them were great though! there were different princesses in each country which made it fun for the girls as well! & hello, jasmine!!!! we love her! ok…. maybe seesha and i love her the most.


we really did have a lot of fun… i am so appreciative to my mom and linda for their help in letting this trip happen…. i definitely wouldn’t have been able to pull it off without them. & of course to seesha!!!! the best aunt and sister a girl could ask for. i love you all!!!

one year.

one year.