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wig life

wig life

hello all! losing your hair due to cancer is hard. devastating! i have never had short hair so embracing that look is just not something i can do. so, rather than being upset and hating my appearance for YEARS until my hair gets back to a length i am comfortable with - i decided to fully embrace wig life. however, finding a decent wig can be challenging… and also expensive! i have gathered some of my favorites in case there’s anyone out there like me who wants to switch it up a bit! not to mention i am at the stage in my hair growth of the “chemo mullet” and it is NOT ATTRACTIVE!!!! so… wigs to the rescue!

my blonde wigs! (i think these are my husbands personal favs although he’ll never officially admit it!!!)

this wig is a unique color! it’s supposed to be an ombre of black>brown>blonde… which is clearly not what it is… but for $17.99 i wasn’t disappointed!

the first wig pictured. it’s a little on the heavier side… but only because it’s long and thick! it can easily be worn without a headband, which i love and the color is perfection.

the second - this wig came SUPER jacked up and needed some serious help in the back… it was very uneven and looked like a 2 year old took their scissors to it! but my gf emilie saved the day and evened it out for me…. i probably could have done it myself, but she is just better at that sort of thing, so… many thanks, emilie!

the third and my personal fav ! it is the priciest of the bunch… $39.99 but it is so pretty and looks so natural…. it’s the way i dream my hair would look in real life but could never pull it off with my curling wand! it is what i wore the entire time we were in the bahamas and i don’t have one negative thing to say about it. once you trim the lace you can most definitely wear it without a hat or headband! i have just really embraced the hippie look… so i like wearing them!


i just purchased this wig and it has quickly become my new favorite! it’s the perfect length… lightweight and silky smooth… in a perfect world the color would be a little darker… but overall i am very pleased with it!

k’ryssma wigs have got to be my most favorite brand that i have found so far. the price is right and the quality is awesome. they have a few wigs with fun colors that i have my eye on… but i’m not sure if i could pull off purple hair… hmm… maybe one day!

there are a couple honorable mentions… like this one & this pink one, for fun!

i also have my eye on this little baby!

i have been watching a lot of youtube videos lately that show you how to make a synthetic wig look more natural… it has been SO HELPFUL! simply trimming the lace has made all of the difference. i am by no means an expert and can only do the bare minimum when it comes to wig maintenance… but even a little tlc goes a long way!! 

switching out your wig pretty much daily is obviously not for everyone. we all take on our battle with hair loss differently. i have met some amazing women who totally rock the hell out of the buzzed look and then the pixie cut and so on… they wear it as a badge of honor! a way to give cancer the middle finger and show just how strong they are and i truly admire that quality! i lack that particular confidence… so trying out different wigs has been my coping mechanism. i mean… when else can i be platinum blonde, right?!

i have found some ADORABLE headbands along the way also! my sister in law introduced me to a company called natural life and their boho bandeau’s are seriously THE cutest things in existence. i have purchased so many and just adore them. they can be styled many different ways also which is always fun!

if you want to be a “hippie” like me you can order these - they are so cute and can be paired with pretty much anything! they also offer different patterns! i have and love these with the little bow as well… so adorable!

i get asked so often “when will you stop wearing a wig?” and my answer is… i don’t know. when i feel more comfortable with how my hair looks i suppose. let me tell you… once my hair gets to a certain length i am going to wear it in a pony tail for a week straight!!! i miss being able to do that so much! something so dumb that i rarely did before cancer…. life is weird, isn’t it?


one year.

one year.